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MANX Hydraulics

Solving Hydraulic and                                Lubrication challenges

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Oil and gas
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Piping manufacture and installation, technical assistance and services.

When it comes time to install the hydraulic oil components, actuators or machines in your company, it is not always easy to find a capable and robust team to carry out the piping fabrications and the conduction of fluids for hydraulic oil

Crane - Manx Hyd
What we do?

We offer products and services for Marine, Shipping, Cranes, Energy, Mining, Mobil and Industrial sectors. ​ ​


Ranging our services from the early design phase, throughout B.O.M. (Bill of Materials), up to commissioning the machine with the customer - making us a Turn-Key option for your project. ​


We offer high quality products and services with applications in harsh or industrial environments.

Fluidpower services and solutions
Components - Assistance - Consulting

HPU - Manx Hyd
Clean, Fast, Safe!

In addition to being well established in the O&G, Marine, Mining and Mobil markets, Non-Welding systems for flanges and connections have been increasing their share in industrial and agricultural areas, which increasingly demand installations with high standards of safety and reliability. ​


The manufacture and assembly of such systems are also cleaner, requiring less space for their execution and without the use of chemicals harmful to the environment in which they are being prepared. The assembly is done with safe tooling and without the need to use specific items.


The speed in delivery of non-welding systems translates into agility, as it cuts processes and avoids the use of tools or items specific to the welding process, in addition to being safer in its installation and less subject to rework.


Cylinder - Manx Hyd
B.O.M. - Consulting and Specifications

It may seem simple, but the specification and procurement of material for hydraulic equipment and installations can lead to delays and assembly problems. In addition to the rules to be followed, we must take into account the working regimes, temperature and environment in which your equipment will be installed. ​


Which pattern to use?

What materials will be needed?


The lack of components and differences in standards can slow down the progress of your installations. Where do I install this clamp? And what better place to install these hoses? Manx's expertise came after monitoring several projects and making specifications for O&G businesses, naval and industrial sectors, always in a responsible and practical manner, aiming to reduce the number of parts and accessories in inventory and simplifying installations, adapting the best material to your project.



Manx Hydraulics has developed a new dessicant breather line, offered in high flow options and light tto heavy duty applications

Click and get more information of the NOTTUS dessicant breathers!


Filtro Nottus Manx
Offshore crane - Manx Hyd
Services we offer:

- Manufacture, installation and commissioning of hydraulic piping.

- Projects and counselling for applications in harsh and hostile environments

- Technical assistance of hydraulic equipment and lubrication systems

- Turn-Key projects for piping and fluid power systems

- Projects for online predictive maintenance (real-time maintenance). Hydraulic systems and lubrication

- Consulting for B.O.M.'s, maintenance and technica in Hydraulics

- Flushing and Pressure Test

- PIG's for hydraulic systems

- Collection and analysis of oils and lubricants, with subsequent reporting and advising to solve problems and reduce equipment costs

- Predictive and preventive maintenance, equipment and oil monitoring, counselling for maintenance teams

- Equipment overhauls and maintenance

- Control, certification and monitoring of third-party services (service supervisor, team control, reporting to the contracting company)

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Offshore piping - Manx Hyd

MANX Hydraulics

Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil


Tel: (+55 51) 982 51 8255

     (+55 51) 998 50 8255

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